wheres my shadows????

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ok so i add my drop shadow element but nothing is there. just the box that supose to sarround the shadow…but no shadow.

im a newbie so please help

What is the color and opacity set to? You’d have to make sure there’s sufficient contrast with your background and that the opacity is not too low as to make it nearly invisible. Also, did you parent the drop shadow layer to your drawing? You can do so by drag-and-dropping the drawing element right into your drop shadow layer. Look up “drop shadow” in the Help guide for more detailed information on this special effect. Hope this helps.

Here is a tutorial article that may help you with drop shadows. Let me know if you have additional questions. A clue to your issue, “did you attach the shadow to the object to generate the shadow?” -JK

Drop Shadow Technique

never mind i had gone to jk’s site right after posting this :stuck_out_tongue:

i figured it out… ;D