Where to start?

Hello! I am new here. Apologize in advance if this post is in the wrong forum.

Recently, I became interested in Japanese anime. I started using Adobe Aftereffects about a month ago and got the hang of it so far.

I have a audio engineer background and I have work with various application such as Pro Tools and Ableton Live. So it’s nothing new to me.

As a beginner in anime, can someone recommend me some sources where to start putting a story together? I’d like to be able to make slides using After Effects. But, I am totally lost when it comes to selecting my images. How do you know which image to use to give that perfect storyline? I want to be able to sync it with audio using still images, but of course I’ll be adding effects to it.

What’s the difference between this VS where one have to draw? I have no idea why people have to draw. Is this like a tech pack or something? I’m in a clothing business and we have to develope a blueprint and designs before the factory get it print. Is that why people draw anime? All of these things still confuses me. I would like to get some advice on how to get my slides moving.