where to redownload

we bought the program and attempted to downloaded it. The activation key that was sent to us did not work. we then found an activation key on the page where it told us what the order number was and used it. it said that there was another version running. It asked us if we wanted to uninstall it, so we did thinking that it would uninstall one and we would still be able to use the one that was not uninstalled. We lost the page and have been trying to find the download again. we thought that since we have an account and an order number, we should be able to re-download it. But we cant. It appears that the web site wants us to re-buy the program. I really don’t want to do that.

so can anyone tell us where we can redownload the program using our previous order number?

Deactivate your first installation using the “Activation Wizard”.

Log in to your “My Downloads” page and download any of your registered products.

Then activate your product using the “Activation Wizard”.

If the Activation Wizard doesn’t open automatically, open it manually.
It should be in Studio’s Application Folder / Tools.
With an active Internet Connection follow the Wizard’s instructions.