Where Scripts From the Rigging Tutorial?

Where can daddy find those downloadable scripts from the pro rigging tutorial (Video 9.2)? Specifically the ones to prohibit animations on a drawing and also the one to transfer the pivots of drawing to their respective pegs?

You need to download the sample materials from the rigging video page. Extract the archive and you will find q folder with the scripts as .txt files. You need to open these in animate or animate pro using the QSA (scripting) workbench. Once you open them with the workbench, they are then stored in you local user prefences. Close the workbench and go to the scripts customizing menu. You can assign icons for the scripts (which are also included in the folder that contained the txt files.

Where can I actually download it? I’m looking at the video tutorial page and I can’t find it anywhere.


Thanls for the answer, but I’ve dowloaded the sample files and can’t find this scripst folder.