where OPUS is used ...

look @ this table http://toonboom.com/products/productComparison.US.php
it doesnt have few important features like drawing & lip syn …then whats the need of that product …why shouldn’t we use solo or harmony …what is the need of OPUS ?

Hi Awais,

Opus is somewhat like the grand father of Harmony and Solo. It is mainly used by big studio that were use to work with USAnimation since its workflow is pretty much the same. In the end, Opus is mainly for studio that are still doing things the traditionnal way (drawing on paper>scanning>ink and paint>compositing).

A lot of animated series and feature films that are being made with Opus and since some studio don’t actually need the extra feature that Harmony offers (since they do thing the traditionnal way) they might opt for Opus instead of Harmony.

Hope this answered your question.

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