Where is the market?

Hi All
Many of us can animate but where are the markets?

In an ever expanding world with an unsatisfiable appetite for all kinds of content there are practically no limits to the markets for animated material.

Entertainment, Advertising, Instructional are the main categories.

TV, Internet, Mobile, and DVD are the main distribution platforms.

The audience ranges from those looking to be amused to those needing to be informed.

Clients can be politicians running for office, action groups trying to mold opinions, retailers, manufacturers, TV networks, religious organizations, service providers, web sites hungry to gain viewers, business organizations needing to train employees, educational institutions wanting to teach students and staff…
the list goes on and on…

The question isn’t where are the markets, it is where is the content to satisfy all of these expanding needy markets. And it isn’t the animating that they need it is the creative content of which the animating is only a part. They need writers, directors, people with visions and ideas and the ability to produce effective entertaining content. There is no limit to the opportunity for selling content there are significant limits to the abilities and capabilities of the would-be producers of the content needed. The challenge is not to find markets but to produce quality work and become established as a source of producing reliable content. Then you will have to pick and choose your opportunities because you won’t be able to handle all the requests not even a fraction of them. -JK