Where is the Glow effect?

Hi, I have Animate Pro PLE and am trying to go through the tutorials to learn it better. I’m doing the “Chapter 5: Compositing” tutorial in the “Starting Guide_Part2_ProUsers” area with the statue and stars, and it says to add the glow effect to the stars, which should be in the Library module under the filters tab.

Well, my program doesn’t seem to show a filters tab, and the only effects I have are the extra ones I downloaded from the site. Where can I find this “Glow” filter? ???

Here’s a screenshot of all that appears in my library. http://img214.imageshack.us/img214/8409/screenshot20101010at105.png

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You need to be looking for the module library not the standard one.

You should have a quick look at my overview of network tutorial and it will show you where to find them and some other workflow tips.


TheRaider is right.
You can also find more detail in the “Enhancing With Effects” chapter of the user guide.