Where is the "bonus How To Video" on V6 Bones?

I purchased and downloaded version 6 for Mac, but I did not get the “How To” video on bone animation that is supposed to come as a bonus with the software installation file, as advertised on the Toon Boom home page. I have exchanged several emails with Toon Boom support, but they are clueless and say everybody got the same .dmg file. Has anyone else had this problem? Where is the video (“a value of $59.99”) supposed to reside? It definitely is not among the files in my application folder.

Very annoying. I bought the upgrade for this bones feature…


To find the videos on Mac, open the .dmg and select the “Explore” option on the right side. From there you should see a link to the videos.

When I click on the Documentation icons and the video tutorial link in Explore, I get “This webpage is not found” messages.