Where Is Pencil Texture Stored

Really, I’m asking about sharing pencil textures with, say, an overseas studio or freelancer. Does the texture ride along with a scene file, or does it have to be imported and saved system-wide?

I have found that a custom pencil or brush is independent of a project. The customized tools must be exported and imported aside from sharing project files.

My hard drive crashed and I had to access the data from the outside. Once I had recovered a project file and was able to open it in another installation of the software it only contained default tools.

I contacted Support and they described which folder locations and files to grab to rebuild the custom tools.


To follow up, so if you ship a project file, I take it that the pencil texture is saved in one of the folders, right?

No. The project file will have information that knows a custom pencil was used but the actual custom pencil is not attached to the project file…at least this has been my experience.