where is my update ?

Toonboom Studio 8.0 just told me, there is an update to 8.1.

I click on “download update…”, but all what happens is that the link guides me to my account. There under “click here to view your file downloads” is nothing related to update issues nor can I see hints to updates anywhere else on the toonboom-website.

Applications from other producers starts the update automatically from the update window when clicking “update now”, what I am asked to do here ?

As far as I know, there is no automatic update button in Studio…
One has to download always the full package.
Go to your “My Downloads” page and download any of your registered products…
This will give you always the newest version…


Thank you for the response. The information, that I have to run a total new installation to get the update was the missink link for me.

So I get the same error, upon running the app it says there’s an update and sends me to login but I don’t see a version in my downloads… only a little sample package that I downloaded shows up in there. Where do I go to get the new SP1 or full version for the update? All I see is the trial available for downloads. Is it the same? Can I download that, install and apply my registration number?

You need to go the “My Downloads” section of your profile. The software links you will find there are the newest available builds for your version. The old installers are replaced with the new ones automatically when there’s an update.