Where is my Toon Boom data stored on my computer?

I have been in class for six weeks and I have no idea where the files actually are. I keep them on my Local C drive under animation principals. When I open up Toon Boom Harmony all I see is the recent work I have done. I need to know, where/ how I can save them, in a safe place, so I will know where they are when I need them. Someone please respond so that I can finish my work in time. Thank you :slight_smile:

if you use Harmony stand-alone version,
you can follow this (that’s what I do):
create a folder in D drive, named “ToonBoom” (no space),
and create “Harmony” folder,
when you create new project file in Toon Boom welcome screen,
the “Project Directory” points to here.


If you always store all of them in the same place the path to the directory appears in the Welcome screen (the same screen that lists recent scenes) after you choose either to work on the network or offline. There is a field that is labeled “Project Directory.” It contains the location of the files that are available in the recent scenes list. Again, if you always save to the same place they will all be there.

Otherwise, if you know their names or something in their names you can search the system.

Note: If you remove them they will no longer appear in the recent scene list. That list is dependent upon what the software sees in the folder at the end of the Project Directory path.

You could develop a routine of saving them to a folder while working. Move or copy them to a portable drive when done. Then copy them back to the folder on the system when ready to work again. It would be a good idea to have two portables so you have a back up. You have to make sure you don’t work on multiple versions of the same project. Keep all of them up do date.