so harmony 12 features this BUILT-IN COMPOSITING where you got these colorful group windows in the node view but in what exagtly version is this feature? I got 12.2 premium and i cant figure out nor find any documentation on how to do that…

Hi Miu3,
Here’s a post in our blog which explain how it works:

Did you try to add the Node View via the + sign on the upper right corner of any window? It should also appear if you select the Compositing workspace.

Luis Canau

ooohhh its called backdrop… now i managed to find it properly. Many thanks for the quick respond :smiley:

Whoops, sorry didn’t understood the question.

If it’s what I think you’re referring to, this is called “Backdrop” and is available
from the Node View’s menu-Insert-Backdrop.

oh you did help a lot in finding it quicker, thankyou :smiley: