Where do u find your music?

Well im nearly done now with a animation project and im in need of some music. Normally I know u want to find the music first b4 animating but I was wondering where do you guys find music for your animations?

hey corey

depending on your project…
try archive.org for public domain works
also try searching for creative commons licensed music
wfmu has the freemusicarchive.org going the name says it all, lol!


I make it myself :smiley:

And music isn’t normally done first, it is one of the last things to be done (if you are doing specifically for a project).

those old animators at school told me something else…they said u want to find music to sync too b4 hand to get a rhythm for Ur animation.

14greg: That site is swee-he-he–heeaattt

I wanted to find some cinamtic type of music, I dont see a category for it, but Im sure I can find something if I keep looking : Thanks super helpful of you man : D

If you don’t have someone to write the music for I guess that is true, but generally the muscian can match to the scene and sync parts of the music perfectly.

Like for example I did this piano piece for someone and to go with the scenes I subtled changed tempos in the song so that key chords in the song matched actions on the scene they wanted.

yeah if you got someone to do music for you its a whole nother ball game i suppose. I guess theres a lot of “if scenarios” lol

you do music man? get out thats cool. Can you do fast paced music?

There are guys in the movie industry and their entire job is just syncing sound and music to scenes ;D Not sure how much fun it would be but apparently the good ones are popular with directors.

I do music :slight_smile: That is part of the reason i started animating. I wanted to do video clips for my music.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Go8WisDC4W8 ← you have probably seen it cause I posted it before but I did the music for that

There are a couple of more pieces here

but they are more drafts (you will notice the version of book of the dead is a fair bit different to the one on youtube cause this was the draft).

I can do fast paced. I actually come from a metal background which you may not believe with those samples. I plan to put some more “epic” stuff up soon. Fast paced music is generally easier to write.

Wow man u are really good ! I have an animation its like 1 minute and 30 seconds im doing trying to get an internship, and its a chase animation, like a race so its calm at first and get faster as the chase begins. WOuld you be able to do music like that if I needed your help or is this not possible for you at the moment? If not thats cool, i’ll keep searching online for something, plus I have someone who told me they do music but I dont think they are as good as you

I found this site a while ago coreyart. Again, depending on your project:
"you can then listen to the available music and download whatever you want to use in your film or video or short. The music is free as long as it’s being used in a non-commercial or non-profit film, video, or short."


Thank you :slight_smile:

I have actually sold a few pieces of music to various people so I can’t really do “free” work because it somewhat devalues the product.

Obviously for a showreel you don’t want to paying for music, so if you have a friend then that is a good way to go. The site dessie posted looks perfect for you.

Also i think new grounds has an mp3 portal
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/ for animators

Have you looked on AudioJungle.net? Look at this guy specifically http://audiojungle.net/user/leto He has some good stuff. make sure to look in the DRAMATIC /ACTION,INTROS,CINEMATIC categories.They are not free but they are affordable.

Also, congrats on finishing up your project. I wish I could say the same. I might make some short movies in the meantime to get more proficient with Animate.

I was just thinking I have a perfect solution.

How about 1812 overture? Royality free and could be rescored to fit the dynamics of your car chase (it would have to be rescored but it wouldn’t take too much work cause the full version is waaaaaaaaaay longer than a minute and a half).

You could be more adventerous and use Canon by Pachbel and start with the slow version of Canon (the one you always hear when people get married) then pump it up on drugs with lots of drums and violin runs as the chase comes to a climax and maybe throw a few orchestral hits in that sync to the crashing is that is possible.

I may be able to help with a rescored version if your interested but I am in the middle of a studio upgrade (wooo hoo :slight_smile: ) so i can only do stuff i don’t need to mic up cause there is stuff everywhere.

thank you so much everyone, you dont know how extremely grateful I am for the help. Man im so happy will live in a world where animators can communicate and help each other in places like this. I’ll share a few screen shots of what I have thus far to show my gratitude for all the help. Wish I had some animation to show instead though. Man…This is so exciting to me to finally have some good music resources : D I really hope I can finish this short and get that internship now that I can finally add some music : D Thanks so much again guys!






Whoa looks great Corey. Did you do those BG’s in Animate?

I use photoshop to paint the backgrounds but they started as sketches in Tvpaint(except some backgrounds like the tunnel scene you see above which are made in 3d (maya2010) so I can take advantage of a moving environment ). They are just rough placeholders until I get time to polish them in the end (which i cant wait to finally do). Here are a few more bgs used in the short. But im trying to hurry up and finish so I can move on.

Hows the viking animation going? I would love to help out someday because I believe in teamwork, but trying to finish this project and get an internship first , but I would love to work with someone to help on some kind of project as a team. Team projects tend to = AMAZING. Actually what you showed so far = AMAZING i thought.





it is a shame that people use photoshop rather than animate for backgrounds. Guess that shows they need an upgrade in painting tools.

Anyway another idea,

this guy


is brilliant. He has a song in action section called “thunderdome” which is almost perfect length (1.26). Anyway if you are 100% not going to make any money he may allow you to use it. He recently did a showroll with art he got permission to use, so i think it is quite possible he would allow you to use it.

Beautiful work coreyart :slight_smile:

Good luck finding your perfect soundtrack! Will you post a link when it’s finished for us to have a look?

??? seriously im not sure if that was a cheap punch at me or something but im going to assume you werent trying to bash me.

Thanks it can suck for all I care, im not trying to impress anyone, as long as it meets the deadline and is good enough to show i can be an intern.

I think that was more geared towards ToonBoom Corey not you. :wink:

-correction made-