Where do I download TBS v2.5 from???

I tried logging into the licensed product download page but only saw version 1.2 available for download (the license I have…). Someone told me to goto the web store and buy an upgrade, but why should I have to pay… they always said v2.5 was a free upgrade!

Is there a URL hidden somewhere to get the TBS v2.5 upgrade from? Any helps is greatly appreciated, thanks!

I bought Toon Boom Studio about one month ago, and was expecting an e-mail telling me where to download the new V2.5 version from. After waiting for about a week,I got in touch with Toon Boom Studio and they sent me an e-mail referring me to a FTP site and giving me a license key.

What I understand is that if you have recently bought Toon Boom Studio and you have registered it, you are entitled to the new version. According to Toon Boom Studio, I did not register, but I downloaded the old software from their website and had to fill in the license key.

Anyway, if you forgot to register, you could still try to do that and send them an e-mail. A lot of people seem to assume that if you don’t hear from ToonBoom on the new version, you have to upgrade, but why not contact them firstr, make some noise and try to save yourself some 199US$ !

good luck,