Where Did my Pencil Texture Go?

I’m using Animate Pro 3 on a project, and one or more of my scene files have been missing the charcoal texture. The result makes the artwork unusable.

Any advice on reloading the textures, so I can have my animation back?

Is the charcoal texture missing on all Animate Pro 3 projects including just opening up the software to a brand new project?

Are you on OS X or Windows?

The Pencil and Brush reference material is located in the Preferences folder.

On a Mac it is here: (use the Go To Folder field)
Users/ name of your home /Library/Preferences/Toon Boom Animate Pro

On Windows I don’t know. Try searching your system for a Preferences folder containing a folder titled “Toon Boom Animate Pro” containing another folder titled “full-1050-pref” (at least this is where my reference material is located on my Mac).

If you have lost the files on your system rather than just one project I can give you the exact file names to search for if you tell me the texture names used. If necessary I can email them to you if you give me an address.

Thanks for the response. I can’t reload anything toon boom related from the preferences folder, because they are all greyed out. Any idea of how to load them back in?

I jumped from a mac to pc, then mac again, so this may be why the problem started.

This problem DOES NOT apply to newly made files. Only the older ones in my current project folder.

Well that is one good thing that it is just the project that is corrupt. I cannot duplicate your situation so I am only suggesting how I would attempt to correct things. You could try restoring default settings or creating new texture brushes identical to what you used. I would try to create a duplicate under a different name. Once I had done that I would try altering names so eventually the new brushes had the original names, this would involve changing the names temporarily then once the original name was freed up for the new brush it would be applied. Probably the last resort would be to create a new project and export piece by piece rebuilding the project in the new file. It would be better than working with a broken project looking at it on the bright side.