Where can you import webcam stills?

I have taught Toon Boom Studio for years in our program at our university and we always pencil tested by using a webcam and animation stand. We draw on paper then finish on cintiqs after importing the pencil tests. I believe the function was for stop motion originally.

I just downloaded Harmony. Where is that function buried or is it no longer available? I see that there is a scanner import function, but we have a lot invested in webcam set ups with acme pegs (and classes start later in the week).

I’ve been animating and teaching for 15 years, and it looks like the trend for programs, animation studios, and college students has been moving to paperless.

I’m not crazy about it either. I still draw best on paper, and for teaching a group of kids, paper is a must.

We do pencil tests using three methods:

  1. SD video camera with S-video output connected to a Lunchbox system. They’re not being manufactured anymore, but can sometimes be found on ebay. Getting video OUT of the Lunchbox to edit is a bit tricky. You’ll need a computer with a capture card or a DV converter.

  2. SD video camera with DV Firewire connected to Windows PC running Scenalyzer, which has a stop motion capture option. It grabs single frames and compiles them as a DV AVI. I can then take those vids into Premiere and add titles, sound, and music. Scenalyzer is no longer supported, but the very cool programmers made it free to download at http://www.scenalyzer.com/

  3. Dragonframe. The highest quality result, but hardest to set up. Also slowest to take a picture, even though we’re not using it to capture high quality for tests. This is a professional Stop Motion program, so might be worth it in the long run.

Hope this helps!

We use logitech C920 HD webcams that do work with toon boom studio. I did a little digging and it seems that things with TWAIN are the only things that work?

was to use Aquire > From Capture Device >

As far as I know, Harmony has no “acquire from capture device” or “stop-motion-movie” functionality ?

Either, import the Logitech Webcam HD recording as a QuickTime movie / Image Sequence.
Or, import your images from your Scanner…

Or, do your pencil test’s directly with-in Harmony using the “Easy Flipping” feature.
(this feature might be only available in Harmony Advanced and Premium ?)

Our university was equipped with webcams to simulate the traditional process for intro level students. So I guess I’m going to have to run both toon boom studio and Harmony. We don’t have the budget for 60 cintiqs to go direct. I suppose I will have to look into a scanning workflow for the future. This sucks.