Where can we check on software updates ?!

I’ve been using version 10.2.2 (9143) for almost a year
I discovered by chance that there’s a new storyboard version (9744)

I can’t believe the “check for updates” tool from toonboom storyboard is telling me that there’s “no update available” ??

May i suggest that you put somewhere on this forum a thread to let us know what is the latest update and the bug fixes / changes ? Or make it work within toonboom ?


Once a new update becomes available, it becomes the available downloadable version in the “My Downloads” section of your account.

It helps to subscribe in the “Newsletter Options” to the Toon Boom newsletters to be notifies when there is an updated release available for your version of the software.

Online documentation only shows Release Notes up to

Does Storyboard Pro have a Check for Updates?

I cannot locate one in Animate Pro 3 and I could not find any Release Notes.

I just periodically compare what I have with what is available as the download link in my Toon Boom account.