where can i find TBA Pro 1 template

HI everyone,
im still using toon boom animate pro V1 and im in need of those Templates ( http://www.toonboom.com/products/animatepro/how-to/templates/ ) t tried to use them in my version ( V1 ) but in vain :’( ,i think because they are for te 2nd version (although the pdf instructions I found they were made for V1)??? and I do not know if there is something to do to use them on my version, otherwise if someone still possesses the old templates, can he upload them to me or show me a link where I can download them again .
thank you so mush. :-*

I replied to this in your other thread already, but in case you didn’t check it out, go ahead and send an email to support@toonboom.com and they’ll be able to set up a link for you to download.

Toon Boom Support

Hi Mozidem,

Would it be possible to indicate where you found that the templates were made for v1 so we can fix it please?

Thank you,