Where can i download toon boom 4.5?

Helo, I have version 4 on mac s 10.5.8 power pc I was wondering where i could download he version 4.5?
Thk you

Version 4.5 is no longer sold since the release of 5.0

Isn’t 4.5 an update to 4? I can’t install version 5 on my machine since it’s a powermac g4.


same problem here

Version 4.5 was a paid upgrade from 4, it was not a service pack.

In case someone else is searching for an older version, you might find 4.5 on Amazon. I’m not sure I would trust eBay.

Better than that, go to Tigerdirect.com. They’ve got it with a huge discount from the retail price and you can upgrade to 6.0 later on if you choose to do so. You do need to hurry though cos I don’t think there’s too many copies of it left.

I need Toon boom studio 4.5, i got a serial key for it i really want to get it so i can use my key! :frowning: