Where are the Particle Effects templates?? (Solved)

Pretty much what the title says. So was looking for some help making grass a bit easier and noticed there was a template for it in Harmony 10 along with a lot of others that would be really nice to learn how they work. But in Harmony 12 these options are not there under
Insert > Particle >
it only has Basic Particle System, and Basic Gravity Based System. Did they remove Weather, Replicator, Fx, and Fun? is there anyway to get it back? Mainly for

• 	Animated Grass - Simulates a patch of grass that is swaying in the wind. Uses an animated drawing layer as a sprite.
• 	Bees - Simulates a crowd of bees flying around. Uses an animated drawing layer as a sprite. Animate the position of the bees using the Peg layer.
• 	Confetti - Simulates confetti being thrown upward and falling back to the ground.
• 	Grass - Simulates a static patch of grass at a fully grown state.
• 	Lemmings - Simulates the classic game Lemmings. Uses an animated drawing layer as a sprite. This is also a good example to use to learn how to use Bounce Planes, as the particles will fall until they hit a bounce plane.

Any help would be amazing.

I can’t check 10 right now, but possibly you could insert via menu what you now can only access through the Node Library tab. On the Node Library you can click on Particle > Examples and you’ll find grass, bees, confetti, etc. You can also use the search box and start writing anything such as conf… for confetti and you’ll find the effect. Hope that helps.

Luis Canau

Awesome that was it. Thank you so much!!

I thought you were looking for Weather, Replicator and Fun. They do not come up with a search. The other effects are easy to see in the Node Module Library.