Where are autosaved files on a mac?

Harmony just crashed and when I reopened it, it opened a save from yesterday. Where are the autosave files located on a mac?

As far as I know “Auto-Save” saves into the created project file, if enabled.
Check your Interval Settings in the Preferences.

According to my preferences autosave is enabled and I have noticed the occasional pop up that says its autosaving, but I see nothing in my project file that is autosave. My interval setting is 10 minutes and my inactivity interval is 1second.

here’s my preferences


and here is my project project folder.


This sucks because I’ve lost a day’s work. I was thinking it was autosaving all day.

As I understand the Auto-Save feature, it saves like a regular manual save…
It just automates the saving process.
I am not aware, that it will create a separate Auto-Save folder.

If your project hasn’t been saved properly, something might be wrong elsewhere ?
Which OSX version are you running ?

You might like to go into the habit watching that little dark dot int the centre of the red button…
When the dark dot is gone, the project should have been saved.

I’m running El Capitan. I’m not certain which red button you are talking about. Where should it be it the window?

Not sure, if Harmony 12 is already fully optimized for El Capitan ?
Haven’t heard anything officially from the Toon Boom Team yet ?

I installed El Capitan recently (10.11.2). Couldn’t find anything wrong with Harmony 12.2.
But, I did not look specially if the Auto-Save feature was still working ?

Anyway, I went back to Yosemite (10.10.5). Had major issues with Keychain- and ICloud-Access.

I presume, you are running Harmony 12.2 ?

Sorry for the misunderstanding. I was referring to the famous apple radio-buttons (red, yellow, green). Top left corner.
If your project is unsaved, the red button should show a little black dot.