When will the next Animate Pro be released?

Does anyone know when the next version of Animate Pro will be released?

I’d hate to fork over 2k, just to turn around and do it again in 3-5 months.

It doesn’t seem soon. Last time they spent a couple of months at least building it up for standard and pro came maybe 2 months after.

If you buy pro now you definitly won’t be forking out 2K again (actually you shouldn’t even be doing it now, toonboom has an xmas sale starting on the 29th where you can get pro for less than 1K ($999 :slight_smile: )). The upgrade cost is small compared to the cost of the software. Also when they released Animate 2 anyone who bought close to the announcement got a free upgrade so they definitly looked after their customers.

I can’t remember what the upgrade cost was last time. Maybe someone else can tell.


Strange. The Cross-Grade price from Animate to Animate Pro is quite a bit more at $1299 than buying the stand alone version of Animate Pro at the Sept discount price of $999.

just cause of the specials.

I would email support if you were interested in a crossgrade

Thanks Raider