When will Animate 2 be released?

I know it is difficult to be specific, but is there an anticipated timeframe that Animate 2 will be released? A few months, or is it farther off in the future?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I can’t be specific, all I can say is that we will have an official release date available for you very soon.

Toon Boom Support

i seriously hope there is a scene manager in the next version of animate!

Oh and a way to read toonboom studio files for people who want to transfer their projects to Animate.

Those 2 features are all I think is missing from Animate. I would be so happy like a child on Christmas day.

Stability is the most important thing. Get things to work that are suppose to work and no crashes.

Are you having crashes? What kind of hardware are you using?

I have drivers up to date and crashes are almost never for me even on very limited equipment. In the past, crashes have been related to
1. Older video drivers, especially for Intel Integrated Graphics. Updated drivers fixed the crashes.
2. Me trying to cram to many things into a scene (especially imported pictures) and then trying to do it on a machine of very limited capabilities, such as a Tablet PC with limited graphics abilities.

Seriously, what kind of set up are you using and is there any pattern to the crashes.

I post entries into the http://betterflashanimation.com/ blog and want to post any issues and solutions… if there are solutions.


Steven Mussey MD

I am trying to transition to Animate from TBSv5, which crashes very very easily. So I do not have enough experience in Animate to understand its stability.

On day 1 of using Animate, I had found 2 problems that discourages me from using it. One of these I can work around. But I am afraid I will just be trading problems.



So my wish list for any release is stability and assuring the features do work rather than piling on more features.

Steve, you were asking about crashes. I just got past my previous problems and then quickly ran into this:


I am getting concerned about moving to Animate.

never had a crash with toonboom animate or toonboom