When to start Cleaning up your drawings?

I have a question about traditional 2d animation in general.
I was wondering at what point in the 2d animation process does clean up normally begin? and in particular does clean up come before or after you commence inbetweening.

Well what I know is that most independent animators do it after all the rough animation is done, so even after inbetweening is finished.
I’m guessing that bigtime studios do the rough animation, as in only keys and extremes, then hand it off to someone who’ll inbetween it, then send it to another department, or a company in Korea for clean-up and coloring?

It doesn’t matter so much really, do whatever you feel is comfortable, though doing a refined drawing after every sketched frame of incomplete animation might make it very tedious for you in the future.

Just clean up as you go so your shapes and sizes stay consistent. There comes a point where your rough shapes you fly through to test an animation become inconsistent as you watch it playback. You clean up to get rid of pops in the lines as it plays out. When it comes down to inbetweening simple lines you should be going between 2 pretty finished drawings or you won’t know where exactly that line is suppose to be