When importing .mov to scene audio looks fine, but video is not working.

I’m having an issue in Harmony 14. (I got a perm license so I’m not up to date, sorry.)

I go to import a video (.mov) and the sound shows up fine, but the video doesn’t work. It’s just a solid white shape. I can rotate, scale, etc. the shape like any other vector shape. But it’s just plain white, it isn’t even one of the frames from the video.

It is exposed for the length of the timeline when it was imported. If I lengthen the timeline, there’s nothing else there, even though the audio after that is still fine. I tried multiple scenes and multiple videos, but the problem is consistent.

Someone recommended importing a different file type, but .mov is all it lets me import. I don’t know how to make it let me import others. Someone else recommended importing an image sequence. That’s a band-aid solution. I want to get to the bottom of this. Any other ideas?

Try following
-Make sure Quick Time is properly installed and can be playing that movie file.
-When importing it, select it as ‘original bitmap’ in the importing option for test
-Select the transform tool (since the original bitmap image can not be shown in drawing view) and check if you can see the imported movie as a sequence.
-If it still does not work, create another snapshot and the link for the original movie and scene after importing it by zipping them and put it on the link. If it is confidential, try first with some sample (short) movie for the test.

New development. My .mov files my brother gave me that he exported from Sony Vegas continue to have this issue, but recordings from OBS import correctly. I have no idea what the difference is.