When I try to draw my cursor turns into a white circle with a diagnol slash

i already made a thread on this a few months ago but my trial expired so i didn’t get the chance to try. I just got the free trial again (somehow??) and I still have the same problem. Somebody replied on it and told me to click on the drawing tool you want…but obviously that is what I have been doing. So what would happen is I would click on a tool like the brush tool or any tool in this matter, then when I try to draw my cursor turns into a white circle with a diagnol slash in it. I noticed that above the timeline where it tells you what tool you currently have selected, whenever I try to draw it suddenly turns from brush to eraser? I tried camera mode and drawing mode but nothing has worked.
I use a windows 10 and am using a GT-220 V2 Huion graphics tablet

Did you get the trial legitimately or from a crack? Because that sounds like a problem that came from people trying to get a crack and it didn’t work. Otherwise, contact support.

I got the trial from the site, does the free trial reset with every new version? Because I remember it used to be Toon Boom Harmony 13 or something.

Anyways, I fixed the problem by pressing the grid tool, I played around a little bit, but then while trying to figure out how to colour my picture it randomly decided to do the same thing, except this time it is stuck on the eraser tool. Any tool I try to use is just an eraser. I click on the brush tool and then when I try to draw it turns into the eraser.

So for some reason it turned back into the black circle with a diagnol slash. This is really starting to get on my nerves because I don’t have much left on my trial and I really like the program. It seems like every animation program I try has some kind of problem that I don’t know how to fix. I am trying changing my tools and pressing the grid and it just stays the same whenever I try to draw.

Did u solve the eraser problem?