When I opened my file from google drive, the drawings are gone although the layers and the frames are still there.

What it says in the title. My friend experienced this as well. I saved the file and uploaded it from another computer, and when I opened it from my personal laptopthe drawings were all gone. The light table is on, and I saw in another forum that we have to zip the file before sending it through drive, but is there a way to get back the drawings? The jpg below is what it looks like currently. My laptop is using Mac OS and the other computer was using Microsoft 10 (I think), if that helps. Many thanks!

Is the file still left that was created from the start and can you see the images there?

If you look into the project folder and the element-folder are there any tvg-images there?

Maybe it’s a syncing issue that the project dont find the images.

Hello, yes the tvg-images are there. Any ideas on what else could be the problem?


The link between frame and image are lost in some way. Dont know how to fix that good.

Maybe save scene as template and drag the images into the scene from the library.

Or contact support . I guess they have a good fix.


Alright, I’ll do that thanks!

This has happened almost ten times to my students in the first four weeks of school. I don’t see a pattern yet, but why does it happen and how do we fix it? Since Harmony has been doing this for years, I already warned them to save multiple copies as they work using SAVE AS, then told them to ZIP the project folder as one of several ways to transport it to or from school. It works for some people and others have their drawings gone with empty frames as described above. What is going on, Toon Boom?