When I move my draw, the body come but not eyes, mouth etc ...

Hello ! Already sorry for my bad english because I am French and … So I am French … Google translate is my friends ^^

When I want to move my drawing , the different part of the drawing do not come together…How does one they all come together? If you have tutorial videos on it, it 'll be cool too .

I saw here and there that it was a story of pegs but it does not work anyway

Thanks !

I suppose you’re trying to rig a character and the body parts are not moving together.

You have the body parts drawn on different layers (different drawing elements), right? If yes, are they set up as children of the main body in a hierarchy?

This is done by dragging children layers onto the parent layers. Refer to the Toon Boom Studio User Guide (to open the document, press F1 while you’re in the software). They talk about rigging your cut-out character in Chapter 9 (Creating a Cut-out Puppet). Search for the “Attaching the Layers” section.

Also check out the hierarchy setup demo (from 0:19) for a cut-out character puppet in this video: https://youtu.be/pazDulT56wA