when i move head, mouth shapes dont move

im using an pro 3. I created a head , and I put the mouth shapes on a separate layer. it plays back fine , but when I move the head only the first mouth moves.but the rest of the mouth shapes don’t move with the head . please tell me what im not doing

Have you made the mouth layer a ‘child’ of the head layer?

yes I made the mouth layer child of the head layer, and I attached that layer to a master peg layer

ive got the head on a layer,eyes on a layer and mouth shapes on a layer. then I got the head as the parent and the mouth shapes attached. do I need to select all the mouth shapes or do I just select the first shape cause when I move the head the only the first mouth shape moves. do I need to select all the mouth shapes???

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Are you able to post a picture of your tiemeline so I can see exactly how it’s setup? I tried recreating what you’ve described but it works fine for me.

All the mouth drawings need to be in the same element. Your reply leads me to think that you may have created separate elements for each mouth shape.