When I link parts together in hierarchy, the child shrinks and moves to the center of mass.

I have a character colored and layered in Photoshop, it seems to import perfectly with all layers intact but every time I try to link a hand to an arm or a lower arm to an upper arm or an upper arm to a shoulder, the child shrinks and moves to the center of the image.

Any help would be appreciated!

So while the message boards seem to be busted, you can hit “reply” to actually see and reply to a post.

anywho, it sounds to me that you are moving and scaling parts around in Harmony after you import it, but before you parent anything. when you parent something, the child inherits all of the translation,scale, and rotation traits. so i you have a layer you scooted around a bunch and then parent somethign to it, say a hand, it will take on all of those attributes. the momtns its connected. everything should exist where it belongs in your design, and its usually helpful to have pivots set before parenting stuff.