When I import audio it's sped up?

Hi, I’m new to using Toon Boom Harmony, and might be missing something obvious.

I tried to import a song so that I could animate something to it, but when I import the mp3 file it gets chopped off. I made the timeline longer by dragging the red thing (is there a faster way to match the timeline to the size of your audio file?), but when I press play the song sounds sped up. Why does my audio sound sped up?

(Also, what is the divider that showed up in the timeline so that there are two versions of the timeline on each side?)

The divider is a helpful tool for keeping your place when the timeline is very long.
For the speeded-up audio, did you change the project’s frame rate after importing
the audio? Note that audio files are sampled at the frame rate of the project at the
time the file is imported. If you then change the frame rate of the project, you would
need to delete the audio and re-import it at the new frame rate of the project.

Idk If this will work but maybe try slow down fps?