When hotkeys suddenly stop working

Hey, Folks. I wish I can say Toonboom 76.1 works like clock work. However, one main issue I’m having is that the hot keys seem to work only when they want to.

For example…the “a” and “s” keys one presses to scroll up and down on your ‘x’ sheet. THey were working fine this afternoon…but later on in the evening…there’s no response!!

Also the hot key…command “v” seemed to be working yesterday. ,but not now. Perhaps I pressed something on accident, and I"m on a whole different mode, to where the program doesn’t recommend these particular commands.

Does toonboom 7.1 have some patches that are available for upload?? Or is the program bugged??

Well, make sure that the “focus” is on that particular window / layer…
In the X-Sheet select any drawing-frame, then hit a or s…
Select the Camera- or Drawing-View, then hit v or c… or any of the other shortcuts…

I’ve noticed that when a project of mine gets heavy with info and keyframes it will not always cooperate. What I’ve found is the quickest way to fix that, is to restart the project.