When exporting project XML, can you maintain image POSITION throughout scene?

I’m having difficulty using the Conformation settings to properly export storyboards to Premiere Pro.

I’d like to export to Premiere and have the ability to adjust SBP’s camera keyframes in Premiere. I see that, once exported to Premiere, these camera keyframes are translated to motion keyframes (position, scale, rotation and anchor point) so they can be shifted in Premiere’s Effects Controls/Motion tab. However, in cases where the camera move extends over multiple panels, the keyframe values are reset in the first frame of each panel.

For example. If there is a scene with 2 panels and a zoom-in camera move across the whole scene, once these two panels are in Premiere, the first panel has two keyframes indicating a change of Scale - from 100.0 to say, 120.0 and the first Scale keyframe in the second panel is not 120.0, it is 100.

This makes it nearly impossible to adjust these camera moves which extend across multiple panels.

Is there a way to export to Premiere such that these values remain consistently relative to each other? (The “Maintain image size throughout scene” option does not solve this though I assume it would need to be enabled as well)

Thanks from the bottom of my heart to whoever can advise.

Louis Legge, Titmouse Inc.

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