When do the 30 days for trial period start?

after posting this first enquiry, the discussion turned to the differences between the Student/Teacher edition of TBS5 as advertised by Amazon UK and the full-price edition. It took a long time to get a definitive answer, but one was eventually found … see later on in this thread. Now on to the original message …

Just checking … Being retired and on limited income, I’m trying to work out if I can afford TBS5, so I intend to have a good look at the trial version.

Before I download it, can you tell me if the time limit is encoded into the download so that the clock starts running from then, or whether it starts from the moment you install? I’ve encountered both systems in the past, although the install-timer seems to be the most usual.

By the way - anyone in the UK bought TBS5 recently? If so, how does the cost work out at the moment in terms of pounds or euros?


As far as I remember the “Trial period” starts when one opens the application the first time,
not when installing it on the Hard-drive…

Regarding the price for Studio 5 of US $ 300,-- depending on the exchange-rate your bank
or credit-card company is applying (ask your bank or check the paper)…
That might calculate into £ 210,-- or € 230,-- without any fees applied…


Thanks for that - it’s what I suspected.

The price is interesting. Amazon UK quotes a price that is less than £100 so I’d assume this is the upgrade - but there’s no mention of that being so.
It is shown as having the word ‘Academic’ on the box which I’d assume meant that it was a price for accredited students. But again there’s no reference to that in the description although that might be implied in the name of the software and the associated URL.

Not sure if the long URL will work here - but just in case …


Very strange. I’ll have to try to find a way to check out exactly what is being offered. It could be that Amazon needs to explain things a bit more as I can’t believe this is the full program at that price.

Thanks again for your response about the Trial package.

Well, looks like that Amazon UK is selling only the Student / Teacher version of Studio…?
(at least at the URL you’re providing - if you’re eligible ?, go for it…)

Or check those links out:

Academia Ltd.
3 Sovereign Business Centre, Stockingswater Lane, Enfield, United Kingdom, EN3 7JX 
08456 120 118

Chromacolour International
Unit 5 Pilton Estate, Pitlake, Croydon, Surrey, United Kingdom, CR0 3RA 
+44 (20) 8688 1991

Douglas Stewart EDU Ltd
57 Fleet Road, Fleet, Hampshire, United Kingdom, GU51 3PJ 
+44 (0) 870 735 8340

Studica LTD.
69 Boston Manor Road, London Brentford, United Kingdom, TW8 9JJ 
+44 0208 231 8873

Otherwise buy direct at Toon Boom and download the software…
If you still have unanswered questions, contact Sales:
sales@toonboomstudio.com or karen@toonboom.com


Thanks Nolan.

Ah - that’s the point. I’m NOT eligible as I’m not a student, just a retired primary school teacher whose hobby is animation. I want to move up to new software after 3 years using Artoonix, and I was looking around for a suitable product. TBS caught my attention, which is when I started to investigate cost … everything else follows from that.

Thanks for your response. I have followed your suggestion and emailed Karen. I’ve also emailed Amazon UK for a clarification, just to find out exactly what it is they’re selling and to ask if they think they need to add more information to their product description. If and when I get responses, and if they contain any info that might be useful to anyone else who’s following this thread, I’ll post it here.

Thanks again for your time.

OK - I finally got the answer and it’s that Amazon UK have omitted to say that the Student/Teacher version they are selling will require evidence of student or teacher accreditation.

I confirmed this with Studica Ltd who market TBS5 for use by teachers or students and passed this information to Amazon. This is the full text of the message that I received …

I see that you have acquired adequate information regarding the cost of the item “Toon Boom Studio 5.0 (Student / Teacher) (PC/MAC)” from Studica Ltd.

However, as correctly said by you the same applies for the version available at our store. In this case as suggested we will update this on our website to see that no further misunderstanding is experienced.

I will happily pass your message on to the appropriate department who will be glad to check it and update the product description page at the earliest.

So - if anyone thought there was a loophole with Amazon and that you could get TBS5.0 for 1/3 price — you can’t.

Interestingly, I never had any response to the message I sent direct to ToonBoom, so I doubt there’s any point in pointing out to them a discovery I made about giveaway copies of TBS4.5

To answer the original question, the trial period starts when the software is installed. This is for the windows version. For the Mac, since there is no installer, it starts when the software is run for the first time.