When 2 versions of Harmony are installed, I cannot choose one to be a default

Windows 10, 64bit. I have bothHarmony 17 and Harmony 20 for testing purposes installed. I currently work on Harmony 20. But when I open a Harmony file it always opens in Harmony 17. If I try to do >Open With… and manually choose Harmony 20 (c:\Program Files (x86)\Toon Boom Animation\Toon Boom Harmony 17 Premium\win64\bin\HarmonyPremium.exe) it will still open it in 17! the only way to go around it is to manually open Harmony 20 each time I need to work on a file, and then navigate from there to the file.
How can I disable 17 as the default without uninstalling it?

Hahah - actually I am a totally Mac person! but for some reason TBH doesn’t run at all on my Mac setup - I have a Hackintosh with an nVidia card, which is not supported anymore, so we couldn’t troubleshoot it much. It’s just glitching so badly on Mac that I cannot work (I wish it would work on Mac). Anyway for my current work all our pipeline is setup on Windows, so I have no choice :’(

I offered “Switch to a Mac” as a solution in response to how can someone with Windows 10 deal with this problem.

It sounds like that is the only one that would work :slight_smile:

The problem is on Windows, not on Mac
These standard solutions for Windows that you have posted do not work - it’s the first place I have checked. This is why I am posting this question here. It’s impossible to set a specific TBH version to open as default, because Windows system thinks that there is only one TBH on the system. When you try to set any other TBH version to open instead, it switches back to the one it thinks that is correct.
I have uninstalled TBH20 completely and work only on 17 now. 20 was too glitchy


One way…

  1. Switch to a Mac
  2. Highlight a file
  3. Right-click and choose Get Info
  4. Under the “Open with:” tab select the application or in this case the version of the application you want to use.

If you want to use Windows 10 here are several links describing the process:

I’m facing the exact same problem. I have even unistalled my Harmony 16 version and cleaned all the cash memo, but it still doesn’t recognize harmony 20 as the default and will open version 16 when double clicking…