Wheels won't rotate.

As a beginner to Toon Boom Harmony I am following carefully a tutorial by Tony Ross ’ Learning Toon Boom Harmony Essentials’. I am having a problem in connection with lesson 1002 ‘Setting Pivot Points.’
I have followed exactly what is said in the tutorial but I cannot make a wheel rotate. The wheels moves across the stage nicely, {with the car) and I have set some easing, but they will not rotate. To make it a bit clearer, I have attached some images.

Rotation example 1 is a screenshot from the tutorial, showing a circle rotating as it moves across the screen.

Rotation example 2 shows a wheel in my Harmony project. the wheel is moving across the screen, but des not rotate.

Rotation example 4 shows the wheel with the rotation point in position, as in the tutorial (rotation example 1) and shows how it relates to the car.

The wheels and the car are each on separate layers.
I am using Toon Boom Harmony Advanced 12 on iMac osx 10.11.2 El Capitan.

Thanks for any advice about this.

Rotation example 1.png

rotation example 4.png

Your screenshots shows your’re animating on the drawing layer and not using pegs, but they should still be rotating. Could you upload your whole project and post it here so I can take a look and tell you what’s up (or send me a pm with it if you don’t want it public).

Thanks for your response.

I have now made the wheels move. I copied a method used by tony Ross in a You tube tutorial about animating a clock. - At the last set of keyframes I rotated the wheels several times by hand. When the animation starts, the wheels ‘unwind’. The tony Ross clock tutorial is here:


I have upoaded my project to You Tube at :


I dont seem to be able to attach the .xstage file.

Thanks for your help.