What's wrong with TBS 4.0

What’s wrong with TBS 4.0 ?
I have purchase version 4.0 of this program recently.
I’ve already
Toon Boom Studio V 2.5
Toon Boom Studio V 3.0.
When in TBS 4.0
I want to drag these toolbars to any position in my Toon Boom Studio window,
as I did in TBS 2.5 and TBS 3.0.
Toolbars can be moved and rearranged by clicking and dragging them
with the mouse, however; somehow in TBS 4.0 they don’t keep floating
All tools are coming back and they are docked to any side, top or bottom
of the workspace.
What’s wrong with Toon Boom Studio V 4.0 ?
What have I missed here ?
-------> Why tools don’t keep afloat ? <---------
Does anybody can help me with this sill problem ?
I have no problem with the Floating Windows Mode.
You can create customized workspaces this is what a Toon Boom Studio
V 4.0 help says.


It is possible to move back to the Floating Window Mode by going to the to menu Edit>Preferences>Interface Tab>Change Workspace Mode from Docking Windows to Floating Windows.

That should do the trick.



Hello Ugo,

No, it does not do the trick.
I have no problem with the Floating Windows Mode, as I wrote in my Ps
Only TOOLS don’t want to keep afloat.

Any solution to this silly & annoying problem ?
I would be glad to hear it

Hi Acolor,

Sorry for missunderstanding the question. I noticed the behavior you are mentioning. After investigating it seem that this was done by design for the new interfacer did not allow the tools to be floating.

I will put a request for us to make custom floating windows for this but it may have to wait for the version coming after the upcoming one (the upcoming one is currently feature locked)