Whats the easiest software for a beginner animator

I’m a student new to animation, so what is the easiest software for me to use?

Forget about the word “Easy” just enjoy the ride, :wink:
any software that you will learn, you will do it little by little, don’t worry.

you are in a Toon Boom Forum, of course Toon Boom Harmony will be the answer, but the question is:

what type of animation are you interested in?
cut-out, 2d frame by frame, 3d animation ?

your budget ?

Do you want a job or work freelance in the future ?

Yeah, what Visual Bug said. Also the best advice I can give if you are wanting to learn an animation software is to start learning Toonboom, and as early as possible. Toonboom is an amazing piece of software and I wouldn’t say it’s easy to use at first but it can be easy to use quite quickly if you stick with it. The easy way isn’t always the best way.

Although I have had an animation background,I’ve only been using Toonboom for a couple of months now and I already now how to rig a character in full and use the node library quite efficiently but I wish I had learnt this stuff sooner. Take advantage of online resources for help and ask people for help as much as you need to. No animation software is easy if you want to take animation seriously but if you had to choose, go with Harmony. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, guys! Thankfully, I will be able to do it since i have both these programs downloaded.

Also i m doing 2D and I hope I can become an animator when I’m older.