Whats the difference?


Can anyone tell me whats the difference between:

Toon Boom Studio Express
Toon Boom Studio
Toon Boom Storyboard
Toon Boom Solo
Toon Boom Opus
Toon Boom Harmony

The reason i ask this is because it seems that all products has the same features, only different software layouts.

Hi Staale,

Here are some information that might help you out.

The first and easiest software to differentiate from the other is Storyboard. This software is mainly a Storyboarding software. It has been create to optimize the work of storyboard artist. Unlike all our other software, this is not an animation software and does not restrict to the fields of 2D animation, anyone production should be starting with a storyboard so this address to many different fields.

Second would come the Toon Boom Studio and Toon Boom Studio Express. Those are pretty much the same software, except that Express is a lighter version of Studio. That means that some of the feature are not present in the Express version to simplify the understanding of the software. Toon Boom Studio is mainly our consumer market software. It is simple enough to get started with, yet capable to adapt to your workflow. Both Studio and Express are vector based software and contains some basic special effect but no bitmap technology are involved so you cannot get any blur or focus effects (so far that is).

Finally comes the Harmony family. Harmony is our production software. This is the software used by big companies such as Disney, Film Roman, Nelvana, Mercury and many others. For more information about those software please contact our sales department at sales@toonboom.com, but to make a quick overview, Opus is meant for traditional animation which mean you work mainly with paper and scanner. Harmony is for full computer animation so you can do cut out using advanced feature such as glue and IK. Finally, Solo is basically the same structure as Harmony without all the networking features and advanced scanner drivers for autofeed scanner.

Hopefully this answer your question, if you need information make sure to contact our sales department.

Best regards,


Thank you Ugo, very well put and easy to understand the difference. ;D