What's the difference between Element layer and Drawing Layer?

Hello. I am using Animate Pro2.
I can make “Element Layer” in Network view from Network view menu"Insert - Element". Element layer has an icon that looks like Drawing Layers’ icon, but what is the difference between those 2 layers? I can’t draw any vector drawings on Element Layer. Can you tell me how to use this Element Layer?

The layer element is a peg element with drawing capability after a function column is created for it. This is done naming the element (in Name) in its layer properties panel, drawing section, and pressing the blue right button located next the full name window. The new name appears here and its column is created. Now you can create an empty cell, and draw in it similary as in a drawing element, but is this case is used for draw croces in the rigging process (watch the video tutorials avaiables in this page). This performance takes advantaje over a regular peg and make possible the copy and paste on it “the drawing pivots of the parent drawing individually in each frame if necessary”. This Peg Element replace the previous normal peg created to beguin the rig process. Note: normal pegs does not permit positioning the pivots in a different position for each frame. Hope that helps.


Thank you for your comment.
So this empty Element Layer can be used as drawing or advanced peg layer.

Yes, it is an auxiliar drawing element in the rigging process because is used as a peg with copy-paste drawing pivots capability frame by frame.