What's the best practice for multiple lip-sync in a project?


What would be the best practice to lip-sync multiple character voices in one project, also with regard to different sets of mouth shapes? I would very much appreciate to find out about the most effective way to do so. Any other tips on lip-syncing are welcome!



Thanks, Lilly, I tried, and it works really well! Marie-Julie

Hey,I’m trying to do the same thing, but I’ve got stuck. I’m new to this… :)Lilly - you say “Map the lip sync to each of the drawing layers”. How do you sync to more than 1 drawing layer??Thanks!Ben

Ahh… I see.Lilly - you’re a great source of knowledge! Thanks for sharing/helping!Ben

Lily -An even more basic question from a beginning beginner… When you have multiple characters, each with their own lip patterns and sound files, how do you label the sound, element and 8 lip patterns. The auto lip sync seems to require mouth elements to be labeled ‘mouth’ and the 8 lip patterns 'A,B,C…etc. OK for one character, but what do I do for the second? I can’t use the same element name or lip file names (lips drawn in Photoshop and saved as PSD’s.

Thanks for the clarification. I read the ToonBoom doc’s and watched the Youtube videos and it just wasn’t sinking in. As soon as I read your posting I could see where I was going wrong :-\I don’t know why, but TBS keeps crashing. To make matters worse, when I do ‘File Saves’, they aren’t current. By that I mean, what TBS is writing to disk is an old version of my drawing, not what’s current. Since I’ve had the problem with TBS crashing I’ve made a point of ‘Saving’ every 10 minutes or so under sequential file names. After a crash, when I go back to my latest Save file, it is how my drawing looked hours previously. My only option now is to start over from scratch and see what happens.

Well just think of it this way. Any time you want to do automatic lip-sync, you want those mouths to be on their own drawing layer. So, even with one character, if you have side mouths and front mouths and 3Q mouths, each of those should be on a separate layer. The reason is that when you use the automatic lip-sync, it calculates the mouth shapes for the whole sound layer, then applies that to the whole drawing layer.

If you have some parts of the sound where you want it to appear on one drawing layer, and some parts where you want it to appear on another drawing layer, then just first calculate the lip sync on the sound layer. Then Map the lip sync to each of the drawing layers. Then, simply delete the exposure on the parts where you don’t want the mouth to show. Then you can finish up by finessing the lip sync to look perfect.

Hope this helps!


You can just map it to one layer first, then map it to another layer next. You can’t map to more than one layer at the same time, but you can map sequentially to each layer.


You’re welcome!


You don’t actually need to label the drawing layer mouth, or the drawings A, B, etc.

When you use the map lip sync window, it lets you select the layer you want to sync to from a dropdown list, so you can label the layer whatever you want to.

And on the right-hand side of the map lip sync window, this is where you tell it what the name of each drawing is. So, first, it’s asking where do I find the drawing that corresponds to mouth shape A? From the dropdown list, you tell it which drawing layer. Then on the right-side you tell it the drawing name.

If you just draw without labelling your drawings, then most likely the drawing name is a number. To double-check, you can open up your XSheet and it displays the drawing names there.

Most often it’ll just be
A → 1
B → 2
C → 3

X → 8

Unless you created other drawings, or created a drawing and then deleted it or undid the creation then it might not go exactly in order.

Hope this helps!


Are you talking about Toon Boom Studio? This is the Animate forums. What version of the software are you using, and what operating system are you running?