Whats going on here?

im fairly new to toon boom, i just downloaded toon boom animate (installed/opened/ect) heres my problem, when i draw its all messed up the pointer and the drawing point are different(many inches off) and its inverted when i move my pen down a line gets drawn up, i move up it goes down, even when i click the window and drag it around my desktop a line is drawn in the drawing area, toonboom is the only program this is happening with… so i know its not just my tablet’s fault

windows XP sp2
2.66GH cpu
2G ram

12" vistablet

That tablet is not supported so it’s possible that it doesn’t work. Have you tried reinstalling the tablet driver? Sometimes with the Wacom the fact of changing the resolution would mess up the display so you had to flush your tablet preference or reinstall the driver. It might make it work with the Vistablet also. But like I said it’s hardware that is not supported yet.

so is there a place to request that they start supporting this type of tablet?

You could send the suggestion to support@toonboom.com.