What's best software to publish Animate on Web?

Hiya Guys,

Hope the heading makes sense…

I’m looking for the best way to reduce the file size without too much degradation to my animations, so that they can be published on Youtube, or on my own website.

What are people using to compile the scenes together, audio etc - and publishing on the web, or even onto a DVD to play at peoples houses etc?

I would be really interested to hear what people are using, as I am greener than green when it comes to animation. I’ve been using Animate for about a week now, I am stunned with it’s ease-of-use - but not sure how to take my animations to the next step, for the world to see.

Look forward to any info.


Adobe Premiere CS4 was recommended to me; like you, I am as green as they come. I find the Premiere program does the job, is very user friendly and intuitive…but it ain’t cheap.


Cheers Jeff - I feared that I’d need to spend a few more quid yet, seems the case. I take it Premier is ideal for altering compression sizes and all that jazz?


I think that you can do a try-before-you-buy with the Adobe products; I was pretty fortunate in getting as educational discount, getting the entire CS4 suite for around $500.

Take a look at the clip that I pulled together in Premiere on my website, on the gallery page. I’ve not posted this to Youtube and you may find that you’ll have to let it buffer once before viewing without any pausing, depending on your connection and equipment. The total file in mpg is about 450mb. I converted it in Premiere to an f4v file to playback at 264 (higher quality flash output) and it compressed the file to about a 10th of the size, down to about 40mb.

Link : http://www.itshumanplusnature.com/gallery.html

There are other programs out there that will do the same thing but not as costly as the Adobe products, so I’m told. Folks on here recommended the Premiere program so that is what I went with. The key reason that you will need this type of program, is to connect your scenes together. When I first started on the animation, I had it up to around 4500 frames - not a small clip to be trying to edit or work with. I then discovered that Toon Boom recommends not having scenes larger than 1,000 frames. I diced up the 4500 frames into about 11 different scenes and connected them altogether, seamlessly in the Premiere program, and in the Premiere program I was able to add the soundtrack seperately to encompass the complete video.

The Adobe products can be intimidating if you are like me in that you’ve never used any products/software of this type before. But as I mentioned earlier, I found the Premiere program to be very intuitive and easy to use, and I had a draft video up and posted to my website in a matter of a couple of hours.

The video that I have posted on my website is the first ever animation work that I’ve done… it’s not the best quality and I still have a long ways to go, but it is a testament to how intuitive and user friendly the Animate program is.

youtube automatically converts so don’t worry about the file size for youtube.

There is also plenty of free software for video editing (like the movie maker with windows). It all just depends on the quaility and flexibility you require.