What wizard?

I downloaded and played with the trial 30 day version.

Then I bought the program from the web site.

I have a key. It is in my email sitting there waiting for me to paste somewhere.

Where? When I run Studio it does not run any sort of license wizard. It runs the brown skeleton-pirate window with options that do not include registration. I start a blank project and the Help/Register Toon Boom Studio option results in launching a web page, not a place to type in my code. Instructions on the web site tell how to run the wizard by going to START/Programs/Toon Boom Animation/ but after that I get to pick from the PDF instructions or the exe for the actual program. There is no license wizard listed.

So I assumed perhaps I need to uninstall the demo and download an ‘official’ version of the software that is not the trial version. The email you sent has no mention or link to such a download. Going to the web site, there is no apparent download section. No link to a download of anything but the same-old trial version that I already have installed.

For the love of god, where the hell do I type in my code, people! I just (GRRR) want to type in the code. Please. I’ve wasted an hour looking for places to type in the code. Why am I being tormented! At the very least make better instructions in the email that tells the customer what to do, rather than “The product code provided here is required for activation. During the first launch process you will be prompted for it. Please keep this code in a safe place for future use.” because it has never prompted me for a code and if I’m running the wrong software version, you’ve never told me where to get the right one.

Uninstall / Delete your Trial Version…

Go to theToon Boom Studio website:
Click on My Account…(top of the webpage)
Log in with your Username and Password / Open My Products Tab…
Download your paid software… Copy the Product Code if necessary…

Launch your new software / The License Wizard will prompt you to type- / paste-in
your Product Code… Enjoy your new software…