What uses has TBS found in education?

Hey all! First, thanks very much to Mathieu Lavigne for putting this category here!

I’d love to find out how folks are using TBS as an educational tool. I can think of lots of ways to use it across the curriculum, but I’d like to see what’s happening.

My version of TBS is at my home, but it would be great fun to create some cartoons to open a unit on a novel in my English classes. We’ll see what I wind up teaching next year, maybe I’ll work on something over the summer.

Also, is anyone just having fun with it on the side? That’s what I’m doing so far. I noted that a few people have mentioned taking summer off and working on TBS creations then. Love to see what’s happening.


I’m an educator who spends his summer having fun with TBS.
The new Mac 2.5 is very much better than the previous version.

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Not currently. I don’t teach any courses in the computer these days.
I was needed in another area of the department so someone else took over the multimedia courses. I think it would be great fun to work with a bunch of motivated students using TBS. I may offer a special topics course in animation in the future.

I’m a student who is taking a course that revolves around TBS. This is my fourth summer taking it as a G.A.T.E. summer school class. I was a student of Brian Curwick who is in the success story which you can reach in a link in one of the replies above. Here a link to my first animation. http://www.toonboom.com/showcase/index.php?type=swf&id=206&Student_Projects=&
It is a very fun and educational class. I have even implimented things that i have learned into projects that were required to do during the school year. For example, I animated a short story I read in my English class instead of making a boring comic book and I also fused the animation with video in a creative project in my Chemistry class. I also do side cartoons at home. TBS is a great tool to have.

I’m interested in viewpoints as to how appropriate this software is for a young teenager (age 14) that likes to draw and has in interest in animation. I’m wondering if this software would make a good Christmas gift but didn’t want to give him somethine that is too complex.

Thoughts ?

Thanks !

too complex for the teenager or for you?


Too complex for my son. Although I am very much into computers and have been for awhile, I’d like him to use and figure out the software on his own. I would take a “Back Seat” approach to helping him, if necessary.


all the 2d software packages i tested feel quite traditionally as it comes to drawing frames. i don’t think your son would have any problems with the tool. look around here (and in many other animation forums): there are many teenagers who post their films. 15, 16-yo… and maybe even younger. they can do it, no worry :slight_smile:

3d is more complicated due to many fx features and complicated modeling/rendering/animation process. but even there are many great youngsters.

have faith in your child.

Toon Boon Studio does offer a User Guide but they want you to pay another $40 for it. I was looking at various animation software and Toon Boom was the only one that did not supply ANY info on its use and/or functions and capabilities. They seem to think that I should buy the guide to determine if the software was what I needed or not. They brag about all its features and abilities but I would NEVER buy a software package that I had not previously investigated and determined its worthiness. BECAUSE software is not a refundable item, even if it does not meet your needs. Toon Boom (as I understand it does not even ship with documentation nor is it included in the demo download) it seems to me that the makers of this software have a greed complex to charge extra for something that should come with the software at least. And I have seen their so-called tutorials, well produced, but they show nothing of the software to speak of. There are TOO many other excellent software animation packages out there to be sucked in by a greedy company like this one obviously is. They even CHARGE for tech support for products you purchase from them… HOW LAME IS THAT! Look around people and choose wisely Toon Boom is by no means the only, or the best, on the market. I contacted the customer service, by the way, and could not believe that they actually wanted to sell me a user guide to software I did not know whether or not I even wanted… their actions spoke volumes and I took my money and business elsewhere!

user guid comes with it it is 40 for the book form not on comp. but you can download it for free i believe if you wanted it printed ( i started doin tbs at 16 maybe) i bought it at 15 but really never used it until october month ago when i got a laptop