What ToonBoom can do

Found these videos that were made by toonboom and photoshop. I just think they are so awsome :o and the movie trailer looks so good and the music is awsome too :o. I hope this guy post his movie online because I want to see it. It really shows what the photoshop and toonboom put together can really do.


Did any one else here watch this video?

You’re talking about the preview for XLT: The movie, right? Just want to be sure I’m watching the right thing. It definitely looks intriguing, I like the comic book look it’s got going on. Not much actually animated in the preview though, mostly text & stills. I’d need to see the movie or more of it at least to give a better opinion though.

Yeah thats what i talking about and i agree with it looks like there could be something good there but like you said I also look forward to see more animation wise.