What Toon Boom software to use if making animations for television?

Hi Jason and other animators out there!

What animation software by Toon Boom should I go for if trying to make for television.
In Sweden and rest of Europe we have the pal system yes?
I am currently using Studio 6.
Think somehow that I have to upgrade to Animate or Animate pro, am I correct?

Thanks in advance :_)

Hi matsG_87756

To make sure you have all the bells and whistles i would go for Harmony. If the budget can’t stretch that far; Animate Pro is a more than capable bit of kit. I am still on Animate Pro 2 ( will upgrade soon to 3!! waiting for a super offer from ToonBoom!?!? ) to make use of deformers.

As far as Animate Pro - it will output to a standard that you need for TV. Typically, i imagine you would be putting the Toonboom animations through a final video editor / compositor to cut, edit and add sound / affects etc, within that you would normally define the output settings more strictly to how the production company would want it.

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Somehow I imagined that TB Studio doesn’t have the capacity for television production.
To go from TB studio to Animate pro or even Harmony is maybe a big jump to make though a necessary one for quality production.

Thanks again :_)

I would like to know also, why TB Studio is not enough if someone want to do animation and output for television?
Can you give more specifics please, is it resolution, quality of the final render output?
Also, what format do you need to export, that you have in Animate Pro and Harmony but you do not have in Animate and TB Studio?

Thank you

OK, I downloaded Animate and Animate Pro free trial and I see the project options at the beginning comparing with TB Studio. I guess this is what you two are referring.