What tools I cant use when making a gaming animation for unity?

The information I have found so far is very vague on exactly what tools I’m allowed to use when making an animation for unity, for example can I use any deformer?, or can I use the tools that are on the node library like auto muscle?

Im a new user using harmony premium 12 and any document or tutorial that will help me out with this will be really appreciated.


As long as I know, you can’t use nested cutters, effects and most deformers. The only deformer you can use is game bone, which is kinda made for that purpose (it’s more limited than the normal bone, so you should only use it if you’re going to export to a game).

All the info you’re asking for is here, especially in the “guidelines and resources” section


The other day I found this super useful videos on that topic:


Hope it helps!

Thank you the guidelines document was exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile: