What to look for in a new iMac.

Hey Gang,

About to switch from MacBook Pro to iMac. Since I haven’t been in the market for five years, I was wondering what features are most important to optimize animation?

Also, is there a tutorial for transferring my TBA 2 and Storyboard 1.5 licenses from the old one to the new one? I’ve read a lot of comments form people having problems and the website shows how to activate a new license but how do I switch them from the old to the new?

Thanks in advance,

Step 1 is returning your licenses from your MacBook Pro installations of TBA 2 & Storyboard. It’s not necessary to uninstall unless you want to do so, but only after you have returned your licenses.

Step 2 is to install TBA & Storyboard on your new iMac. You then launch each application and the Activation Wizard will automatically launch to facilitate activation.

It’s all very simple. I’ve done it numerous times with no problems. The only time I’ve ever heard of anyone having a problem is if they uninstalled the application from their old computer BEFORE they returned the license.

See tutorial here: http://download.toonboom.com/files/kb/activation_process_3/index.html?t=return_license

Takes the fear out of it for me.