What to do with Animate Pro V.1?

Hi there,

I’ve just upgraded to Animate Pro V.2 and I’m just wondering what should I do with V.1 since now I am unable to use it.

I’ve copied over all into the folder the Video tutorials and Templates from V.1 and they all seem compatible with V.2. (Or is there new stuff in the downloadable Pro 2 files?)

But what should I do with all the other stuff? Should I just delete it all?



I would recommend downloading the new AP2 tutorials because there is some new stuff in there.

As for what to do with V1, I’m on a Mac so all I had to do is drag the AP1 folder to the trash. If you want to make sure you delete all the files associated with AP1 you could use a program like ‘Clean App’. You have to be careful with a program like this though because it will also bring up files that are shared with AP2, so be careful what you delete.

Thanks for that! :slight_smile: